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                            Welcome to VoIPConsultants.biz, LLC 
                                                  A leading provider of wholesale, private label VoIP services.

Based in the United States, we create private label VoIP (voice over IP) services for resellers that want to sell VoIP services to their customers using their own brand identity. From Hosted PBX, Pin-less dialing, A-Z termination, we can provide about any type of VoIP service you wish to sell.  We are pleased to announce two things;

1. We have completed our upgrade to PortaOne MR 30.6 and are working on moving to MR 35.

2. We continue to offer our new mobile dialer application for iPhone and Android devices. This new application is free for our resellers.

3. Unlike other PortaOne network providers, we are the only ones who can offer you unlimited capacity with your PortaOne network service. Our engineering team is second to none and has put us in a position to allow our resellers to growth without limitations on customers or calls per second. So before you buy from other PortaOne providers, give us a call. 

Our network is based on the proven technology of PortaOne. The network has been in production for years and we work with many of the leading carriers, like Level 3, to provide the quality and reliability you would expect from a wholesale network provider. Our network operates on PortaOne MR 30.6 and is specifically set up to provide unlimited capacity and redundancy for our resellers.  We have provided services to 70+ resellers and continue adding more under our VoIP private label program every month!

What we provide-

We provide everything you need to become the phone company.  We provide you with DID, or telephone numbers and the optional services of E911, CNAM and directory listing. We also provide toll free numbers as well as international telephone numbers in many countries. The glue that holds it all together is our carrier grade PortaOne network. Coupled with unlimited training and support that's available 7 days a week you can see why so many use our service.  All our services are priced on our low per minute model and we never charge for feature licenses. We have no minimums or lengthy contracts. Find out for yourself why so many resellers that want to sell branded voip services use us for their private label VoIP services. Let us help you succeed in business!   

For Hosted PBX services everything is included in our low per minute rates except the monthly cost of DID and assorted DID features. Porting is extra. For our wholesale termination customers, you can set up and manage  your customers and invoice them with our service. Pin-less dial resellers can do the same.

We can have you in business in less than a week!  

Call us today at 1-844-844-8647 and start making money! 



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